Nils Forsman (SWE) vs. Eino Sammalkangas (FIN) Right Arm: 0-5
Simon Ekbäck (SWE) vs. Tino Lukkarila (FIN) Right Arm: 5-0
Emelie Rönnholm (SWE) vs. Janina Ojala (FIN) Left Arm: 0-5


Marine Karlsson (SWE) vs. Erika Ketola (FIN) Left Arm: 0-5
Erik Lorens (EST) vs. Matti Kormano (FIN) Left Arm: 5-0
Koit Poder (EST) vs. Aleksi Olkinuora (FIN) Left Arm: 2-3
Toni Anttila (SWE) vs. Antti-Jaakko Yli-Ketelä (FIN) Left Arm: 5-0
Victoria Karlsson (SWE) vs. Piritta Hannukari (FIN) Left Arm: 4-1
Jonathan Järvinen (SWE) vs. Mikko Kaunisto (FIN) Left Arm: 0-5
Patrik Berg (SWE) vs. Topi Juvonen (FIN) Left Arm: 5-0
Matti Marjomaa (FIN) vs. Linus Rönnholm (SWE) Left Arm: 0-5
Johanna Andersson (SWE) vs. Päivi Heininen (FIN) Right Arm: 3-2
Marine Karlsson (SWE) vs. Janina Ojala (FIN) Right Arm: 2-3
Jaakko Kinnunen (FIN) vs. Tim Sehlström (SWE) Right Arm: 5-0
Tobias Erlandsson (SWE) vs. J-P Lukkarila (FIN) Right Arm: 4-1
Johan Grubbström (SWE) vs. Ville Heinonen (FIN) Right Arm: 4-1
Tobias Hagström (SWE) vs. Matti Savolainen (FIN) Right Arm: 0-5
Kristian Krigge Wiklund (SWE) vs. Mikko Kaunisto (FIN) Right Arm: 1-4
Toni Anttila (SWE) vs. Matti Kormano (FIN) Right Arm: 5-0
Fritz Forsman (SWE) vs. Kimmo Ojala (FIN) Right Arm: 0-5
Sebastian Sjödin (SWE) vs. Janne Jussila (FIN) Right Arm: 5-0
Jonna Blind (SWE) vs. Erika Ketola (FIN) Right Arm: 5-0
Koit Poder (EST) vs. Tero Kivisaari (FIN) Right Arm: 4-1
Veli-Matti Mutikainen (FIN) vs. Antti-Jaakko Yli-Ketelä (FIN) Right Arm: 5-0
Victoria Karlsson (SWE) vs. Piritta Hannukari (FIN) Right Arm: 5-0
Alexander Rådbring (SWE) vs. Dmitrij Jakovlev (FIN/RUS) Right Arm: 0-5
Ville Mutikainen (FIN) vs. Olli Lintamo (FIN) Left Arm: 2-3
Patrik Berg (SWE) vs. J-P Mäntymaa (FIN) Right Arm: 0-5


Topi Saaranluoma (FIN) vs. Phlipp Stahlhofen (GER) Right Arm: 4-1


Fighting Card


Johanna Andersson (SWE) vs. Piritta Hannukari (FIN) ( 70kg) R
Sara Nyberg (SWE) vs. Erika Ketola (FIN) (WW/ 60kg) L
Victoria Karlsson (SWE) vs. Kati Pasanen (FIN) (WW/ 60kg) L
Marine Karlsson (SWE) vs. Miia Korpela (FIN) (WW/ 60kg) L
Lisa Wande (SWE) vs. Piritta Hannukari (FIN) ( 70kg) L
Jonna Blind (SWE) vs. Erika Ketola (FIN) (WW/ 60kg) R
Sara Nyberg (SWE) vs. Kati Pasanen (FIN) (WW/ 60kg) R


Toni Anttila (SWE) vs. Juho Vartiainen (FIN) (LW/ 70kg) R
Elias Forsman (SWE) vs. Dmitrij Jakovlev (FIN/RUS) (MW/ 85kg) R
Johan Grubbström (SWE) vs. Tero Hyvönen (FIN) (MW/ 85kg) R
Simon Sjödin (SWE) vs. Ville Heinonen (FIN) (MW/ 85kg) L
Kristian Wiklund (SWE) vs. Mikko Kaunisto (FIN) (LW/ 70kg) R
Andreas Rådbring (SWE) vs. Matti Kormano (FIN) (LW/ 70kg) R
Tobias Erlandsson (SWE) vs. J-P Lukkarila (FIN) (LHW/ 100kg) R
Tero Saarinen (FIN) vs. Tero Hyvönen (FIN) (MW/ 85kg) L
Linus Rönnholm (SWE) vs. Jukka Jyränen (FIN) (HW/ +100kg) L
Alexander Rådbring (SWE) vs. Matias Viitala (FIN) (LW/ 70kg) R
Jan-Erik Sunde (NOR) vs. Dmitrij Jakovlev (FIN/RUS) (LW/ 70kg) L
Kenny Grenne (NOR) vs. Marko Luoto (FIN) (LHW/ 100kg) R
Jonathan Järvinen (SWE) vs. Mikko Kaunisto (FIN) (LW/ 70kg) L
Jonathan Karlsson (SWE) vs. Mikko Yliverronen(FIN) (MW/ 85kg) R
Andreas Karlsson (SWE) vs. Topi Juvonen (FIN) (LHW/ 100kg) L
Kim Näsström (SWE) vs. Juha Salminen (FIN) (LHW/ 100kg) R

The order is not necessary as mentioned, example women and men matches will be mixed so that the ones who will have matches with right and left hand will have enought time to recover between matches.



Tampere 25.5.2013 | Ravintola Rotwalli, Hämeenkatu 30, 33200 Tampere


Marko Luoto vs Arto Tirronen (MW/Right) 
Esa Huikkola vs Tero Saarinen (MW/Left) 
Kai Paakkanen vs Juha Kaarnais (MW/Right) 
Dmitrij Jakovlev vs Mikko Kaunisto (LW/Left) 
Anssi Ainali vs Matti Marjomaa (LHW/Left) 
Jarno Lehtonen vs Topi Juvonen (HW/right) 
Juha Salminen vs Lasse Luukinen (LHW/Right) 
Janne Tammi vs Kimmo Ojala (MW/Right) 
J-P Mäntymaa vs Jussi Koskinen (MW/Right) 
Veli-Matti Mutikainen vs Dmitrij Jakovlev(LW/Right)

Without few exceptions all have medals from this year Finnish national Championships and many winners are in also. In some matches the lightweight winner has given a challenge to Middleweight medalist from Finnish Championships, those are really good ones. Example J-P Mäntymaa -70kg winner challenged Jussi Koskinen, 2nd from 85kg class.

Also Lasse Luukinen, -85kg winner with both hands has challenged Juha Salminen, 90kg winner with both hands, my opinion is that it is really tough match and real good fight and would be it in any supermatch event in world.

Luukinen is former European championships 3rd place winner and Juha Salminen winner in many international events and ARM WARS fighter.